2 oz. $4.95 (+ .50 for fragrance)

4 oz. $6.95 (+ .75)

8 oz. $9.95 (+ .95)

16 oz. $14.95 (+ 1.25) 

Lotion Options

Original Vitamins AD&E Lotion

This extra-rich "cream in a bottle" body moisturizer is fortified with nourishing vitamins A and D, and anti-oxidant vitamin E.  Extraordinarily soothes, softens and soothes extra dry, chapped and flaky skin.

Shea Butter Lotion

This all-over body emollient contains 5% African Shea butter, a highly effective level proven to soothe, hydrate and guard skin from harsh environmental factors while providing lasting moisture.

Massage Lotion

Enriched with anti-oxidant vitamin E and naturally soothing elderflower, this lotion absorbs slowly as it smooths on easily.  All-natural sweet almond and avocado oils soften for a renewing, healthful massage experience.

Jojoba Lotion

Our most popular lotion, this medium weight formula soaks in quickly but moisturizes dry skin wonderfully.  With soothing extracts of chamomile and aloe, this basic lotion can’t be beaten.

Stardust Lotion

This light, shimmery lotion sparkles with subtle reflections of natural mica.  Shea butter moisturizes and revitalizes, while soothing aloe, glycerin, plus vitamins A, D & E offer extra nourishment and hydration.

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